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reminds me of my dark past with goat simulator 


it looks like the skater bird from webbed




It appears so as you get the install files and it isn't tied to Steam.


Pretty sure DRM-free is the standard on


Yep. The Dev was going to release via GoG, but pulled it after GoG dropped the game Devotion (controversy over why, and a lot of gamers thinking CDPR could "win" a fight versus CCP).

While I kind of get her point, its a little undermined and almost hypocritical by also releasing on Steam (Which, given Valve is in direct contact with CCP in the creation of Steam-China, will never ever release Devotion)

Shame really, was very excited about this game.

What engine was SkateBIRD made with ?


AFAICT from the latest build (1.0.3), it's made with Unity 2019.4.11


I'm mostly enjoying the game, but I don't think I have any idea what I'm actually doing. I've figured out most of the controls, but I really have to think of what tricks they're asking me to pull before I try requests (easy enough, there are like 4 buttons besides WASD). I know the Fancy gauge fills up sometimes if you do things but not other things (stopping might empty it?), and there's a multiplier down there, but that's my entire understanding of it. I've somehow made it to the second area just sort of messing around and hoping I accidentally fill up the gauge enough to do tricks when I need to.

Is there a tutorial I missed?


Hey! I'd just like to make you aware that there is a website giving away a pirated copy of this game for free, I'm not going to say the name of the website but if you'd like I can send you it in PM if you want to try and get them to take it down :)


Hey everyone

do you like birbs? do you like skateboards? do you like hilariously written quests while skating around weird birb-sized skate parks to help your big fren?

sure, we all do! and that's why you should get this game. it's friggin awesome. you're welcome.

Looks really cool!

Hey, I decided to buy the game, It really good! But is like putting a beast in a cage! Try other platforms. This game has really good graphics, and the best thing is about how un-serious this game is... Like if you press 'F You will get a skrem, probably the best feature!

Also..There's a good amount of customization on this game! The story isn't "good", It's really cute! Keep on going! Also, I'd like to address one issue.  Although I had some money to waste, many other people do not! and the description doesn't explain much to the user, A demo would be cool! and, the fact that this game can be adjusted through most means is awesome! As long as you have, Unity or a code editor, the modding capabilities are ENDLESS! I managed to import a skating person model and managed to make the birds into actual people! I even was able to import small car models in place of the skateboards and managed to make the birds have a sitting animation in it, IT WAS SO CUTE! Please continue the development of this game and a multiplayer would be appreciated to connect with other birb buddies, alrighty I'm getting bored and might indulge in a skrem unless and until I play the game, so BYE!


FYI it's on multiple other platforms already (steam, switch, uh probably other consoles I don't care about)

Oh yeah. I should have looked into it...


ITs perfect ♂i am sorry♂



it is so cool!!


Wow i have watched the trailer and it seems really cool but i don't have money


can i have a demo


yes please make a demo. im thinking of buying but not sure how the game will run on my computer